Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dot Commodity Joins SGX Derivatives Market

Singapore Exchange (SGX) has welcomed Dot Commodity of Japan to its derivatives market as a Trading Member.

Rama Pillai, Head of Sales and Distribution at SGX, said: “We are pleased that Dot Commodity, Japan’s top commodity futures broker by volume, has joined our derivatives market. With Dot Commodity as a SGX member, we look forward to wider distribution of our commodity futures products in Japan.”

The addition of Dot Commodity brings the number of Trading Members in the derivatives market to 33. SGX’s derivatives market also has 36 Clearing Members.

In addition, the securities market has 30 Trading Members and 29 Clearing Members.

“Dot Commodity is excited to become a Trading Member of (the) SGX derivatives market as we expand our product offerings and look forward to building a stronger presence in Asia,” said Jin Funada, President of Dot Commodity.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Banks to Facilitate Trading of Government Bonds on SGX

Individual investors can expect transparency in price discovery and competitive trading costs of Singapore government bonds (SGS bonds) when they start trading on the Singapore Exchange (SGX) from July 8, SGX said Monday.

According to the exchange, market makers will be available to increase liquidity and make it easier for individual investors to buy and sell SGS bonds. The liquidity providers include seven out of 13 Singapore Government Securities (SGS) Primary Dealers, which have committed to provide two-way prices for the 19 SGS bonds traded on SGX. They are DBS, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland and United Overseas Bank Limited.

With the participation of these SGS Primary Dealers, who are specialist intermediaries in the SGS and Singapore dollar money markets, investors can be assured of competitive and transparent SGS bond prices on SGX, the exchange said.

Investors will be able to check the prices of all SGS bonds traded on SGX from July 8 via “Live Prices” on

In addition, the majority of retail brokers, who support trading activities by individual investors, have committed to offer competitive brokerage rates on SGS bonds traded on SGX, the exchange said.

SGX is also organising educational seminars for investors who are interested to know more about how to buy and sell SGS bonds or fixed income securities on the exchange. Investors may visit to register for these free seminars.

Monday, June 27, 2011

SGX-listed firms to get sustainability guide

In a bid to boost transparency and stay ahead, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) has launched a sustainability guide for its listed companies.

This guide outlines best practices for companies with regard to sustainability reporting.

In 1992, there were only 26 sustainability reports world wide, compared to the more than 5,000 today.

While sustainability reporting within Asia is at a very early stage, in Malaysia, there is already mandatory requirements for companies to produce some form of sustainability reports.

The move by Singapore to launch a guide for sustainability reporting is seen as a necessary stepping stone.

At the launch of the guide on Monday, SGX CEO Magnus Bocker highlighted the importance of sustainability reporting to stay ahead.

"Hong Kong has said, and intends to do a consult on its reporting guide. I assume it will be later this year," Mr Bocker said.

"Our neighbour Bursa Malaysia instituted four years ago for their CSR as part of listed companies reporting.

"We will never be leaders as a global exchange, unless our companies are global leaders in the way they report, in the way they do business."

SGX said it is the company's board that should guide such initiatives.

But it added it will take time for such a move to become mandatory.

SGX has however added that it is open to suggestions on how to improve the guide.

Analysts say that education is key.

KPMG Singapore head of climate change & sustainability services Sharad Somani said: "Rather than changing the guidelines, I would say they have to do more market education exercise.

"You have to teach the market what they need to do.

"If you ask the industries, I think majority of them are convinced about it, but... don't know what to do."

SGX said the Policy Statement and Sustainability Reporting Guide are applicable to Mainboard and Catalist companies listed on SGX.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rainie & Joseph Meet-And-Greet session

Flight details

Arrival: 25 June
BR225 – reach Singapore at 12 noon
Departure: 26 June
BR226 – depart Singapore at 1.10pm.

Event details

Date: 25 June 2011, Saturday
Venue: The Cathay, Level 1
(Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station)
Time: 6pm
日期: 2011年6月25日(星期六)
地点: 国泰电影城, 一楼广场 (多美歌地铁站)
时间: 傍晚6点

Date: 25 June 2011, Saturday
Venue: Golden Village, VivoCity (Harbourfront MRT Station)
Time: 7pm
日期: 2011年6月25日(星期六)
地点: 嘉华院线, 怡丰城 (港湾地铁站)
时间: 晚上7点

Monday, June 20, 2011

SGX Improves Product Disclosure for Structured Warrants, Debentures and Funds

Singapore Exchange (SGX) Monday announced that it has introduced new product disclosure templates to enhance the readability of term sheets for structured warrants, debentures and funds.

“SGX is of the view that consistent presentation of product features and risks will facilitate clear and efficient comparison of competing product offerings by market participants,” it said in a statement.

The disclosure templates will apply to the term sheets for debentures in the form of asset-backed securities, exchange traded notes and structured notes; funds, including collective investment schemes and exchange traded funds; and structured warrants.

Issuers are required to apply the guidelines and term sheet formats with effect from August 1.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

SGX offers trading of Singapore government bonds

Singapore government bonds (SGS bonds) can be traded on Singapore Exchange (SGX) from 8 July 2011. This initiative is expected to improve price transparency and liquidity in SGS bonds, and provide investors with a safe investment alternative that can give both capital protection and steady returns.

With the new offering by SGX, investors will be able to access SGS bond prices on SGX’s website or through their brokers, and trade SGS bonds through their brokers in a manner similar to the way stocks are traded. Currently, investors can only buy and/or sell SGS bonds through dealer banks.

A total of 19 SGS bond issues with maturities of two years or more totalling S$74 billion will be available for trading, enhancing the suite of fixed income products offered on SGX and providing greater diversity of fixed income products to match investors’ risk appetites. SGX’s fixed income market currently comprises corporate bonds and preference shares, some of them approved for investment using Central Provident Fund and Supplementary Retirement Scheme pension savings.

Ms Tng Kwee Lian, Head of Fixed Income at SGX said, “Trading of SGS bonds on SGX will make the price discovery process more efficient and transparent, thereby reducing trading cost for investors. Market makers will also be present, increasing liquidity and making it easier for individual investors to buy and/or sell SGS bonds at any time during the trading day.”

As with securities traded on SGX, SGS bonds must be held by SGX’s Central Depository (CDP) as custodian before they can be traded. With CDP as custodian of an investor’s securities and fixed income investments, investors will be able to view all their holdings via a single statement from CDP.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

SingPost to acquire stake in Indo Trans Logistics

Singapore Post has said it will acquire a 30 per cent stake in Indo Trans Logistics Corporation (ITL) for US$10.8 million.

The deal will be made through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Singapore Post Enterprise, and the acquisition is expected to help the firm gain a foothold in the Vietnam and the Indo-China region.

ITL is a Vietnamese firm that offers integrated logistics solutions. It has air and sea freight forwarding, third-party logistics solutions and distribution, and a general sales agency for airlines.

It started operations in 1999 and has offices in key cities in Vietnam.

"SingPost has stepped up its efforts to transform and grow, and we have been actively pursuing growth beyond our mail business and expanding into the region," said Dr Wolfgang Baier, SingPost's chief executive officer (International).

He added: "We want to grow our overseas revenue and achieve a more balanced portfolio with bigger contributions from non-mail businesses. Clearly, our key growth drivers will be in the areas of logistics and e-commerce."

SingPost has so far made several acquisitions to diversify its revenue base and expand its business beyond Singapore's shores.

It has also set up two wholly-owned subsidiaries - Quantium Solutions, a mail-logistics solutions provider and DataPost, a hybrid mail business - which generate businesses outside Singapore.

SingPost's other investments include a 27 per cent stake in a Malaysian express carrier service and a 30 per cent stake in Postea Inc, a US incorporated technology company.

Friday, June 03, 2011


Meet the Top 6, Sat 4/6, 3-6pm, nex @ Srgn Central, B2 Event Plaza. Feat. Komrad, Maiya Rahman & Faizal Isa -

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Singapore Exchange to Start Clearing Asian FX Forwards by September

Singapore Exchange (SGX) will start clearing Asian Foreign Exchange Forwards (non-deliverable) by September this year.

The clearing of Asian Foreign Exchange (FX) Forwards will include non-deliverable currencies traded in the region, namely the Chinese yuan, Indonesian rupiah, Indian rupee, Korean won, Malaysian ringgit, Philippine peso and Taiwanese dollar.

SGX said in a statement on Wednesday that this initiative, the first of its kind in the world, is aligned with recent global regulations on mandatory clearing for non-deliverable FX forwards and FX options via a Central Counter Party.

The clearing of FX Forwards is the next over-the-counter (OTC) clearing offering following the clearing of Interest Rate Swaps denominated in Singapore dollars that started on 15 November 2010. SGX has cleared nearly US$80 billion notional of Interest Rate Swaps since the launch.

SGX said this clearing service will enhance Singapore’s global standing as a market for trading of interest rate derivatives and foreign exchange. Singapore was ranked the second-largest interest rate derivatives and foreign exchange centre in Asia and the fourth-largest foreign exchange centre globally in a survey by Bank for International Settlements.

“Demand for OTC traded financial derivatives clearing will grow rapidly and we are pleased to be able to extend the service to cover Foreign Exchange Forwards for Asian currencies. Asia is the world’s fastest-growing region and this service will benefit our members as they grow their businesses here,” SGX CEO Magnus Bocker said.

The 11 SGX Clearing Members eligible to clear FX Forwards are: Barclays Bank Plc, Citibank N.A., Credit Suisse AG, DBS Bank Limited, Deutsche Bank AG, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Ltd, Standard Chartered Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland Plc, UBS AG, and United Overseas Bank Ltd.

SGX said it expects the membership to grow in the months to come with membership interest from all banks active in these products.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Singapore Exchange to Cut Minimum Bid Size for Securities

Singapore Exchange (SGX) will reduce the minimum bid size for securities on 4 July 2011, leading to lower trading costs for investors, it said on Tuesday.

The initiative is expected to lead to a tightening of bid-ask spreads by as much as 80 per cent.

As a result, Singapore will offer one of Asia’s most cost-competitive trading environments with an estimated S$1.7 billion in annual savings, based on 2010 market turnover, SGX said.

Chew Sutat, Head of Securities at SGX, said: “This initiative addresses our customers’ need for more cost-efficiency and trading opportunities. Tighter spreads will encourage investors to increase their participation in SGX, the best market for accessing fast-growing Asia. This will in turn enhance liquidity here in Singapore.”

To cater to the narrowing of the bid sizes, SGX will widen the Forced Order Range for all securities to +/- 20 bids from +/- 10 bids across all price ranges. Forced Order Range is a pre-execution mechanism that helps investors to avoid error trades when entering prices of orders. Any orders outside the Forced Order Range must be confirmed by the use of the Forced Key function before those orders can be submitted.

The revised minimum bid size and wider Forced Order Range will apply to all securities traded on SGX except exchange traded funds, loan stocks and bonds.