Monday, August 26, 2013


International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) 2013 is organized by Neo Tokyo Project and held at SCAPE on 250813. It started at 10am with expedited entry for VIP ticket holders and ended at 8pm for post-event party.

Situated in the atrium and the warehouse were an electric collection of artists and exhibitors promoting their fan arts.

The first stage activity of the day is a photography panel with Jay Tablante, a self-proclaimed 'geek with a camera' who has worked with artists from Marvel & DC and collaborated with famous cosplayers. He is the guy on the extreme right in the image shown below.

The performance by J-Dansu is up next. The members consist of a group of boys in black and 3 kawaii girls.

There were also plenty of opportunities for photo sessions of the cosplayers in action.

I enjoyed myself at this event and hoped to be a part of it again next year!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

How To Find The Good Girls

There are 3 types of girls around: yes, no and maybe girls.

The effective hustlers know how to judge the three types and work accordingly.

All guys know the “no” girls. They are sticks in the mud, stand-offish, difficult, Princesses.

Any guy who has been laid several times knows this type of girl. He probably has a gut instinct that she’s going to be hard to get in the sack.

“Yes” girls, by contrast, are flirty, fun, open with body language and game for anything. They allow you to ask them back to your place with ease.

The problems are the “maybe” girls, especially if they are hot. Even after years of practice, I still can get stuck on these types, but as soon as I recognize the direction we’re going I can make the call.

The “maybe” girls are where most guys get hung up spending all their money and time, thinking that they will get her. Careful, gentlemen, you are dealing with pros. Even other women will admit how manipulative a woman can be. Don’t assume you’ll wear here down or trick her. It’s better to walk then to throw more energy at these problem girls.

If you want to get laid with a minimum of time, energy, hassle, bullshit, and most importantly, cost, then you should work out an effective system.

Think about it. Any successful business must follow a blueprint if it hopes to achieve significant results; the same applies to shagging women, believe it or not. Do not leave your sex life up to chance - what women often call “romance”. Take charge of it.

So, we have this large market of single men and women. A city like SINGAPORE is ideal, because it’s concentrated, and there are so many people and the city is sexy and anonymous. Make your approaches without fear. In this city, who cares, because chances are you won’t see the person again, and even if you do, by that time you’ll be a confident playboy and who cares what one stupid bitch thinks, anyhow.

So, it’s a market, and there are plenty of girls for everyone. Also, to us they may be hot and sexy, but to themselves and other girls, they are just competition, and have their own un-sexy habits like farting, burping, bad breath, fat thighs etc.

Don’t fall for women’s fa├žade. It’s been my experience that women are heavily front-loaded in what they can offer - their value-proposition. She may look fit, sexy and sophisticated, but after you’ve banged her and she’s naked, with mascara running down her face and she’s trying to stuff her thighs into a pair of too small jeans at 2am, you’ll realize she’s just another person trying to get by. Don’t be intimidated.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Global Logistic Properties - Weaker quarter, but still much to watch out for

While slower leasing in China led to the earnings miss in 1Q14, GLP has seen a strong pick-up in the past six weeks. Looking past this, same-store rents in China remain on the rise with a potential recycling of assets in Japan in FY14. 1Q14 core earnings were below, forming 21% of our full-year estimate and 20% of consensus. We lower our FY14-15 core EPS by 3-9% due to slower leasing assumptions for China and lower operating profits in Brazil. Our RNAV-based target price dips to S$3.32 Maintain Outperform, with a stronger China take-up and accretion from asset recycling as catalysts.
A slower quarter 
1Q14 saw a blip in the take-up in China, with new leased area down 57% qoq to 0.2m sq m vs. strong development starts of 0.73m sq m due to a weaker take-up in China. That said, we believe that GLP is unlikely to maintain this current run rate for the rest of FY14. Management indicated that the leasing demand was noticeably stronger in the past six weeks, with c.0.1m sq m leased out in Jul. NAV for China rose by 30% yoy, but would have been stronger if not for some delays asset completions of due to certain reconfigurations made for its customers. Weaker operating profits in Brazil at the associate level rounded off the earnings miss.  
The positives 
Same-store NOI in China rose by 10.4% yoy (rents up 5% yoy), which drove a 40% yoy increase in China revenues. Occupancy in China remains at 90%. Its landbank in China grew by 0.56m sq m and it is on track to add over 2m sq m (19%) to its inventory in FY14. Its balance sheet, at a 9% net debt to asset ratio, remains very robust.  
Recycling catalysts 
GLP booked a US$100m revaluation gain in Japan on a 13bp cap rate compression (5.2% currently). We believe that further accretion could come if more asset spin-offs into its GLP J-REIT in FY14. Where and what GLP re-invests in will be key for a share price re-rating.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

B.A.P. Live On Earth Singapore Concert Press Conference

B.A.P will be coming to City Square Mall on 7 Aug, 7.30pm, for the “B.A.P Live on Earth Singapore” Press-Con! 

What’s more, the first 500 fans will get to redeem an Official Concert poster!