Friday, October 26, 2007

Open Letter to the Prime Minister

Mr Lee Hsien Loong
Prime Minister
Prime Minister's Office
Orchard Road
Singapore 238823

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

RETENTION OF SECTION 377A, PENAL CODEAs concerned citizens of Singapore, we support the government in wanting to retain S377A of the Penal Code for the good of our children, our families and all Singaporeans.There are many reasons why the retention of S377A is so important:S377A is a reflection of the sentiments of the majority of society. Most Singaporeans hold conservative family values and do not accept homosexuality as the norm. (see Singaporeans’ Attitudes toward Lesbians and Gay Men and their Tolerance of Media Portrayals of Homosexuality, by Benjamin H. Detenber, Mark Cenite, et. al., International Journal of Public Opinion Research) Repealing S377A is a vehicle to force homosexuality on a conservative population that is not ready for homosexuality.Sexual preference is not about civil rights and has nothing to do with equality or tolerance. Repealing S377A would in fact be the first step towards mainstreaming the homosexual lifestyle, which has been shown elsewhere to lead to:
Calls to specify the minimum age for consensual homosexual sex;
A public education system that teaches acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle under the banner of "tolerance";
The redefinition of marriage to include (gay) civil unions and same-sex marriages, and to extend marriage and parenthood benefits to them;
Adoption by same-sex parents.
In short, repealing S377A could lead to the modification of core family values and the family unit as we know it.
The majority of Singaporeans want our children to grow up in a traditional environment that espouses healthy and wholesome traditional family values. We do not want the homosexual lifestyle to be promoted or celebrated.
We ask the Government to do what is right and retain S377A for the future of our children and our nation.

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