Thursday, June 03, 2010

Sign Up For Last Tranche of GST Credits

The Government will be giving out the last tranche of GST credits on 1st July 2010 for all eligible Singaporeans who have already signed up or who sign up by 18 June 2010. Singaporeans can receive between $100 to $250 in GST Credits for 2010 if their Annual Assessable Income for Year of Assessment 2009 is not more than $100,000.

Singaporeans who have yet to sign up for their GST Credits have until 31st Dec 2010 to do so. Those who do not sign up by 31st December 2010 will not be eligible for the last tranche of the GST Credits.

Singaporeans who have already signed up need not do so again. Those who have not can do so through the internet, at If you have not sure whether you have signed up, you can also visit the website to check your sign up status.

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