Monday, January 17, 2011

Singapore Star Tour with Asian Superstars Andy Lau & Director Benny Chan

Date: 20th January 2011, Thursday
Time: 7:00pm
Venue: Main Atrium, Plaza Singapura

Date: 20th January 2011, Thursday
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: GV VivoCity

Asian Superstar and lead actor Andy Lau 刘德华, together with Director Benny Chan 陈木胜, will be in Singapore on 20 January 2011 to promote upcoming Chinese blockbuster SHAOLIN 《新少林寺》! They will arrive in Singapore, from Malaysia, via flight MH 611 at 10:20am.

This whirlwind stopover will have both gentlemen attending the SHAOLIN Singapore Press Conference, followed by a SHAOLIN Meet-The-Fans Event at Plaza Singapura. Fans are able to get up close and personal with Andy Lau as he has not make any public appearances in Singapore for several years!

At their last stop, the SHAOLIN Singapore Gala Premiere, both Andy Lau and Benny Chan are gracing not one, but two red carpet stages at GV VivoCity! They will leave for Taiwan the next day to continue the SHAOLIN Asia-wide promotional tour.

SHAOLIN, with a production budget of over USD$25 million, tells the story of an arrogant army leader who repent and seek refeuge at Shaolin after the shock betrayal by his sworn brother, who brings his army to besiege Shaolin and the peace-loving monks. Directed by Benny Chan陈木胜, the movie brings together a stellar cast including Andy Lau刘德华, Nicholas Tse 谢霆锋, Fan Bing Bing 范冰冰, Wu Jing 吴京, Yu Shaoqun 余少群, and special appearance by Jackie Chan 成龙.

SHAOLIN, which opens in Singapore on 21 January 2011, is co-distrbuted by Scorpio East Pictures and Golden Village Pictures.

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