Thursday, May 26, 2011


27 - 29 May 2011
11am - 9pm
Suntec Hall 401

Licence2Play is The event for gaming fans and enthusiasts in the region. The 3rd L2P raises the ante through amping up its gaming experience promise by eliminating all other non game related peripherals. This event will be a pure gaming zone!

L2P 2011 has under its arsenal of planned activities various programmes that focus exclusively on gaming. Cyber wellness roadshows are geared and ready to roll out a few weeks before L2P weekend. On the event itself, the first ever (in the world!) gaming cosplay competition, CosGames, where cosplayers can only wear gaming related costumes will battle it out on an East vs. West challenge. Visitors can also have their own Cosplay Experience and bring home their photos in our Cosplay Make-over studio. The gaming arena will feature live competition to determine the best of players. East and West table top gaming is another important addition to our gaming zone this year. Collectible gaming merchandise will be made available for all the kids in the family, both young and old to enjoy. All in all, L2P has from concept the makings of being the marquee gaming event of 2011!

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