Wednesday, September 21, 2011

NTT Singapore, SGX Collaborate to Give Customers Fast Trading Access

NTT Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, Tuesday announced that it has successfully attained the status of NSP (Network Service Provider) in collaboration with the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

With this, NTT Singapore will be able to offer customers collocated in SGX access to other global or regional stock exchanges and their home markets using NTT Com Low-Latency Service.

In addition, customers who co-locate in NTT Singapore’s new data centre will be able to reach out to trading communities in Chicago, Tokyo and soon, Hong Kong, among others.

NTT Singapore said this can be achieved through its low-latency infrastructure comprising ASE, PC-1 and NTT Communications’ data centres, which are strategically located in close proximity to exchanges.

It added that all of NTT Communications’ data centres are inter-linked by a dedicated high bandwidth and carrier-grade backbone, providing customers optimal access to market information and trading activities.

“Low latency network has increasingly become an important differentiating factor in the financial services industry. Every microsecond counts! Our goal is to enhance customer experience by improving latency between customers’ trading facilities and financial exchanges so that customers can enjoy faster access to market data and trading opportunities,” said Takeshi Kazami, President and CEO of NTT Singapore.

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