Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yesterday , I went to attend the event as a MAN UTD supporter . I reached the entrance about 7pm as the
match start at 7.45pm . To my horror , there is a long queue outside as the part-time tiger girl is explaining to
the supporters that the venue is full . At the front of the queue is a family of 5 with an angry father and a
dissappointed little boy . From their conversation , the angry father wants to talk to the manager as they have
spent $50 to come and watch the match . When the tiger manager comes out , she was immediately
bombarded left , right and centre by the unhappy crowd . I felt pity for the tiger manger as she is in her 20s
and almost break-down in tears . The angry father demanded that his little boy be let in to watch the live
match . After liasoning with the security at hard rock cafe , a few more slots were opened up and I am lucky
to be the last one to be allowed entry . I could hear those behind me arguing with the security . As I stepped
into the watching area , the place looks like 80% full with more spaces furthest to the entrance . What is
meant by fullhouse by the management ? The most ironic is that the VIP tables are quite empty as many of
them did not turn up . I even managed to have a place at the VIP area . The supporters become excited
after liverpool scored the first goal around 70th minute . Just as the cowd thinks that liverpool will win ,
MAN UTD equalised around the 80th minute . After that , the supporters for both teams shouted more and
louder but in a friendly way . Quite amused by the couple in front of me as the female supports MAN UTD
but the male supports liverpool . Technically , liverpool should win as they are on home-ground and have
more shots on target . But luck seems to be neutral that night . Even though there is a second match to watch
between MAN CITY VS ASTON VILLA , most of the crowd left . Hope the next event will not have the
hiccups again !

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