Sunday, December 04, 2011

SGX Derivatives, Commodities and Clearing Activity Continues to Grow in November

Singapore Exchange (SGX) on Friday said its derivatives, commodities and clearing activity continued to grow while securities fell in November from a year earlier.

Securities turnover fell 37 per cent year on year to S$25.4 billion as global uncertainties lingered. Securities daily average value was S$1.2 billion, down 40 per cent from a year earlier.

Turnover from exchange traded funds also went down 52 per cent to S$532.0 million. Structured warrants trading, however, rose 57 per cent to S$931.0 million.

Total derivatives volume increased 7 per cent year on year to 5.8 million contracts while derivatives daily average volume was 281,038 contracts, up 6 per cent.

MSCI Taiwan Index Futures volume was 33 per cent higher in November from a year earlier at 1.6 million contracts.

MSCI Singapore futures volume was 26 per cent up at 395,618 contracts while China A50 futures trading increased 81 per cent year on year to 369,041 contracts in November.

For commodities and clearing, trading of agricultural commodity futures increased 54 per cent year on year to 30,140 contracts primarily due to growing interest in the SICOM rubber contracts.

Volume of OTC commodity contracts cleared rose 67 per cent from a year earlier to 19,800 contracts; while iron ore swaps cleared totalled 12,851 contracts, almost five times the volume of a year earlier.

Clearing of OTC Interest Rate Swaps continued to grow with a notional S$4.5 billion cleared in November, bringing the cumulative amount cleared since launch to S$184.5 billion notional.

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