Saturday, December 22, 2012

SGX Sees 13 Mainboard IPOs in 2012

The Singapore Exchange listed a total of 13 initial public offerings (IPOs) on its mainboard in 2012 from 11 mainboard IPOs last year.
The first mainboard IPO for the year was Cordlife Group which took place at the end of March. The most recent IPO was Gaylin Holdings which took place in late October.
The 13 IPOs have averaged a gain of 26.8 per cent in the year-to-date from the respective offer prices. From the closing price on the first day of listing, the average gain for the 13 new listings has averaged 9.1 per cent.
In total, 11 of the 13 have generated a positive year to date return from their respective offer prices with two stocks – Religare Health Trust and JB Foods – generating price declines.
Year-to-date returns vary from a +183.8 per cent gain for Civmec to a -10 per cent decline for JB Foods. Meanwhile, year to date performances from the closing price on the first day of listing vary from +104.5 per cent gain for Civmec to a -20.6 per cent decline for Cordlife Group.
The current market capitalisation of the 13 new mainboard listings ranges from S$10.7 billion for IHH HealthCare Bhd to S$101 million for Swee Hong. IHH Healthcare has been added to the Straits Times Index (IHH) adding a new sector (Healthcare Equipment & Services) to the benchmark index.
The STI is now made up of 30 stocks representing 14 sectors as categorised by the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB).


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