Monday, October 29, 2012

Why does a currency pair turn in the opposite direction the minute after we enter the market?

1. Illusion

When I first started trading, I had the illusion that the market was moving against me every time after I entered a trade.

Imagine these two scenarios after you enter a trade:

Scenario 1
The market immediately moves against you.

Scenario 2
The market moves 10 pips in your favour and the next minute it moves against you towards your Stop Loss.

Traders tend to consider both scenarios as moving against them but in fact, in Scenario 2 the market actually moved in their favour first.

The market moves up and down by the second, so traders can tend to perceive market is moving against them because of the basic human emotion called “fear of losing”.

To avoid these illusions, I don't focus my immediate attention on the charts after I enter my trade and have my Stop Loss and Take Profits in place. I will only check my trades on a periodic basis such as every 1-2 hours to check if the trade has hit a profit or loss.

2. Inappropriate Entry Price

The other possibility is that a trader enters the market at an inappropriate price or time. For example, a trader may enter a Long position after market actually displays signs of a downtrend and the market really does go into a downtrend after the trader enters.

To improve your performance in this situation, you can review your trades on a regular basis to find out whether you are trading correctly or if there is something not right with your trading system.

The best way to do this is to find the right coach to review your trades together with you. A coach is able to highlight your "blind spot". A coach is also emotionally detached from your trades, so he is able to provide unbiased comments on your trades.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Fright Night @ ACM

27 Oct 2012
Saturday |  7pm to midnight |  @ Asian Civilisations Museum, 1 Empress Place

Fright Night at ACM is back to scare you this Halloween! Get ready for a spooky frightfest as the museum comes alive with restless spirits and spine-chilling stories from across Asia. Enjoy colourful performances, listen to haunting Asian tales, and explore the museum through a supernatural trail in the galleries! 

Don’t miss your last chance to catch the Treasures of the Aga Khan Museum exhibition for free.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Idol David Cook to perform here in free public concert

Come Oct 25, visitors and shoppers to ION Orchard will be able to see American Idol Season 7 winner David Cook perform live in the mall's next free, open-air fashion-concert.

And a few lucky fans of the singer will also get to meet the 29-year-old singer in a private session, who will be in town to promote the latest season of American Idol, now in its 12th season.

David Cook is not the first international singer to perform in a free concert at the mall. Other singers included Carrie Underwood and Wang Lee Hom in 2009, Van Ness Wu in 2010, and UK boy band BLUE in 2011.

Besides the free concert, there will be fashion shows and catwalks as ION Orchard's fashion tenants showcase the latest Fall/Winter collections, an art exhibition - POP! In the City II - at the ION Art Gallery from Oct 20 - 30 featuring the works of legendary POP artists Andy Warhol, Yayoi Kusama, Roy Lichtenstein, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst and Burton Morris, as well as a chance to win shopping vouchers, and a pair of Business Class return air tickets to Paris.

Photo: David Cook says hi from ION Sky! We caught up with him for a short interview today, and yes, we asked him some of your questions. We'll be posting the video soon, so stay tuned!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Is trading the EURUSD pair better than trading many other pairs?

The EURUSD is the most traded currency pair.

It has the lowest spread.

This pair is an ideal choice for beginners because it responds very well to simple rules and technical studies, which new Forex traders learn when they are starting out.

The EURUSD is usually not too volatile under normal market conditions, and therefore can be safely traded with less risk.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mapletree Commercial Trust: the upside prevails as long as 1.21 is support

Our preference: the upside prevails as long as 1.21 is support.

Alternative scenario: the downside breakout of 1.21 would call for 1.18 and 1.15.

Comment: the RSI is above 70. It could mean either that the stock is in a lasting uptrend or just overbought and therefore bound to correct (look for bearish divergence in this case). The MACD is above its signal line and positive. The configuration is positive. Moreover, the stock is trading above both its 20 and 50 day MA (respectively at 1.2 and 1.14). Mapletree Commercial Trust is currently trading near its 52 week high reached at 1.27 on 17/10/12.

Supports and resistances: 
1.36 *
1.34 **
1.255 last
1.21 **
1.18 *

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

SET membership to enhance cross-border trading

Early this month, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) reported that trading and clearing activities picked up in the month of September as compared to August. Taking a closer look, daily average value increased 4% year on year but due to fewer trading days, the absolute trading volume actually slid 6% instead.

Last month, in a bid to benefit retail investors and brokers, the Asean Trading Link was launched. This was largely deemed as the first step towards creating a Southeast Asian platform, starting with the Singaporean and Malaysian stock exchanges being linked up on 18 Sept, thereby offering cross-border trading.

As a sign of progress, the stock exchange of Thailand (SET) became the third member to connect to the Asean Trading Link on Monday. Mr Charamporn Jotikasthira, the president of SET said that “together the three markets offer investors easier access to over 2200 listed companies with a market capitalisation of US$1.4 trillion, accounting for nearly 70% of the total market capitalisation of ASEAN”.

Following SET joining Asean Trading Link as its freshly minted member, SGX had gained 1.2% when compared to last Friday’s close. Over the same period, the STI climbed 0.17%.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Much Time Does a Trader Spend Looking at Charts?

There are basically 4 types of traders in the market:

1. Scalper
Scalpers tend to enter the market many times a day, each time taking between 5-20 pips. They like to look at the lowest time-frames available; typically the M1 and the M5 charts.

2. Day Trader
Day traders tend to close out their position within a day. They do not have the habit of rolling over their positions and let the effect of swap (or interest rates) kick in. Typically, they look at time-frames of M15 and M30.

3. Swing Trader

Swing traders seek to take advantage of early trends. They get into trades which can last anywhere from a couple of days, to around a week in duration. Typically, they look at time-frames of H1 and H4.

4. Position Trader
Position traders hold trades the longest. They look at the "big picture" and are not concerned with intra-day trends. Additionally, they tend to use swap as part of their strategy because of the length of time they are in the markets. Typically, they look at time-frames of D1 and W1.

So you see, different strokes for different folks. It all depends on your nature and the amount of time you have.

I have seen massively successful traders in all 4 categories.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lee Hyun Woo Artiste Tour

Date: 15th October 2012 (Monday)
Venue: Suntec City Mall, Entertainment Centre Atrium
Time: 630pm

ONE is proud to present to you the charming star of ‘To The Beautiful You’, Lee Hyun Woo who is in Singapore to promote his hit Korean drama series. Lee Hyun Woo has garnered much attention for his role as Cha Eun Kyul, a bubbly and innocent soccer player. Now airing on ONE, every Wed – Thu at 9.05pm, this drama series also boast a star studded cast with Choi Min Ho (SHINee), Choi Sulli f(x), Kwang Hee (ZE:A)! For fans who wish to catch a glimpse of the star, join us at Entertainment Centre Atrium on the 15 October 12, Monday at 6.30pm.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

How do you measure a successful trader?

As a trader, I have found two key rules that have led to my success over the long term:

1. Consistency
2. Discipline

Let me explain.

1. Consistency - In order for you to be a consistent trader, you need to limit your risk. Great traders never risk more than 1%-3% of their capital per trade. I can't over-emphasize the importance of this rule. As the old trading saying goes "Amateur traders are concerned with how much they can make; professional traders are concerned with how much they will lose".

Inconsistency creeps in when a trader takes on different levels of risk for different trades without understanding the consequences. This mostly occurs after a trader experiences a string of losses; and packs on the risk to make up for these past losses.

2. Discipline simply means setting trading rules, building a trading plan and trading according to only what you have planned. Remember that much of successful trading is counter-intuitive. We must exercise discipline at all times so that we never deviate from our original plan.

This rule becomes all the more important to aspiring traders who decide to abandon a trading plan and conclude that trading is "risky" after a couple of negative results.

Is it possible for you to be a successful trader? The answer, is an emphatic YES!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Panda Rock Out

13 October 2012, 7pm, Wave House Sentosa
Lineup: Cher Lloyd, Juliet Simms, DJ Enferno, The Great Spy Experiment, DJ Daniel Yeo
Featuring local designers: DEPRESSION, Dresstronomy
FREE Admission Limited to 3,000 Panda Lovers dressed in Black & White

Monday, October 08, 2012

Journeyful + Mozaic Hotels & Resorts' Direct Ferry Media Launch

I am excited to celebrate the official launch of Mozaic Ferry Lines, Bintan Lagoon Resort's exclusive direct ferry service on 051012 !

We departed from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Bintan Lagoon Resort Counter) at 1.45pm (singapore time). It only took us 75 minutes ferry ride to reach Bintan Lagoon Resort.

The programme was kicked off with a press conference at 331-seater Rice, a beachfront bar and dining outfit which is situated on a sublime stretch of white sandy beach and offers a bird's eye view of the South China Sea and neighboring Riau islands.

Mr Robert Ramey, Managing Director of Mozaic Hotels & Resorts giving the opening speech!

Miss Jezreel Tan from JOURNEYFUL giving the closing speech!

The next event is a short tour of the Angsoka Villa unit #1 which is selling for SGD 800,000.

The 5-bedroom villa is equipped with a small private pool.

All the blankets on the beds are being folded up into different cute little animals. This is just one of them!

After all the sightseeing we had on the buggy tour , it was soon time for dinner as everyone were hungry. We had a beautiful seafood dinner at the Golf Course.

After our stomach are well fed, we had the opportunity to release Sky Lanterns, an emblem of blessing or hope. Releasing them is akin to bringing forth good luck and is symbolic of worries floating away. Each sky lantern costs about S$10++.

The last event for the night is a party at Silk, Bintan's clubbing hotspot which features live music from Tuesdays through Sundays. 

We also managed to enjoy the performance of bartop dancing 'BINTAN STYLE'.

We try not to get ourselves drunk as we wanted to be ready for the fun activities on the next day. Our first programme for the second day is to have breakfast at Kopi-O, which serves Asian and Western fare in both a la carte or buffet style for all 3 meals.

I am glad to be the first to try out their javanese beach massage for 45 minutes which costs S$42 nett. This is my virgin massage outdoor!

Before checking out, I also tried out their All-Terrain Vehicle ride. I rode through the jungle trail and managed to get my feet muddy. Ouch!

From now till 31st March 2013, Bintan Lagoon Resort is offering a promotional package for those seeking a  weekend getaway. The package starts at S$239++ per person (twin sharing). For more information, please contact Miss Jezreel Tan by email :)

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

2D1N trip to Resorts World Genting, Malaysia (290912 - 300912)

I am part of the third Genting Evangelist trip with a group of bloggers!

We have to be at Five Star Tours #01-27 Golden Mile Complex by 6am.

Our first stop in Malaysia is at Yong Peng , a common stopover for trip to Genting for our breakfast.

When we reach First World Hotel , it was lunch time. We have our lunch at Good Friends Restaurant, Highlands Hotel Level 2. 'Must Try' specialty is Braised Chicken with Chinese Wine in Claypot.

After we had check-in at our hotel it was free and easy before our dinner. I took the opportunity to walk around First World Plaza. One of the stage performance that I saw was an act of 'toothbrush rotation' skill by the female performer.

After exploring a bit of the area , I became hungry and knew it was dinner time. We were treated to a 'lamb specialty cuisine' at Ming Ren Restaurant, Highlands Hotel Level 2. Signature dish is Special Xinjiang Almond & Pistachio Ice Cream.

The main highlight of the trip is on the second day morning where we had fun at SnowWorld. The new SnowWorld is a whole new enchanted attraction that houses fantasies and wonders on a fairyland high at the peak!

Even though I was equipped with winter jacket, gloves, boots, socks and long pants , I can only withstand the coldness in the room for about fifteen minutes. Luckily for me, I was able to take a few pictures before exiting!


Please note that cameras are NOT allowed to be brought into the attraction under normal operation hours!

For more information on Resort World Genting, please click HERE!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

SGX Proposes to Raise IPO Shares Available for Retail Investors

As part of its grander plan to transform the securities market and entice more retail investors to join the market, the Singapore Exchange (SGX) said Monday it plans to raise share allocations for retail investors participating in Initial Public Offers (IPOs).
SGX is proposing revisions to its rules to raise the proportion of IPO shares available for retail investment for Mainboard IPOs with high retail demand.
“Not only will retail investors have more opportunities to participate in IPO subscription, their increased activity in the secondary market will also add to liquidity,” it said in a statement.
Among the proposals, the local bourse operator said it plans to introduce a prescribed minimum allotment of 5 per cent of the total invitation shares to the public subscription tranche. For example, when 100 million new shares are issued in the IPO, at least five million shares must be offered for public subscription.
Given that public subscription tranches have seen an average allocation of 4.5 per cent of total offering for IPOs between 2007 and 2011, SGX said it is “likely” that a conservative minimum threshold of 5 per cent will be satisfied in subsequent IPOs.
SGX also plans to introduce a claw-back mechanism that increases the number of shares allocated to the public subscription tranche when the total demand for shares in the tranche exceeds prescribed thresholds.
The mechanism will allow public subscription tranche up to 10 per cent of the shares offered under the IPO when the total demand for shares in the public subscription tranche is 15 times to 50 times the initial allocation; and up to 20 per cent of the shares offered under the IPO when the total demand for shares in the public subscription tranche exceeds 50 times the initial allocation.
In reverse, the bourse will also introduce a reverse claw-back mechanism to transfer shares from the public subscription tranche to the placement tranche.
“The Exchange is of the view that the proposed thresholds would strike a balance by allowing for a greater proportion of IPO shares being allocated to the public subscription tranche, while addressing the commercial concerns of investment banks and underwriters with respect to the proportion of shares allocated under the placement tranche,” SGX said.
SGX is inviting comments on its proposed rules. Market participants and members of the public can send their feedback on the proposed rules from October 1 to 29.

Monday, October 01, 2012

TAICHI O【太极1之从零开始】Star Appearance

Catch TAICHI O Star Appearance of Director Stephen Fung 冯德伦, Lead cast Starring Tony Leung Ka-Fai 梁家辉 and Asian Games Gold Medalist Jayden Yuan 袁晓超 at GV VivoCity, 1 Oct from 8pm onward!