Sunday, April 28, 2013


Special thanks to the owners of LollyTalk for inviting me to their shop to try out the 6 new acquired taste collection handmade candies made with natural ingredients before their official launch.

I have rated the flavors based on my personal taste bud. My favourite is the Menthol Grape (purple). It is refreshing and has a cooling sensation.The Menthol helps to relieve minor throat irritation.

My second favourite is the Menthol Honey Lemon (blue). It is made with real honey and natural lemon extract. I just love the menthol taste!

My third favourite is the Plum Guava (green). It tastes like eating guava with real bits of plum powder.

My fourth favourite is the Honey Lemon (beige). It soothes your throat will real natural honey and lemon extract.

My fifth favourite is the Chilli Lime (red). It tastes like eating sambal chilli and squeezing a bit of lime on it.

My least favourite is the Spicy Mango (orange). It has the taste of eating mango dipped in dark soya sauce with chilli padi. The flavor should appeal to Malaysians.

The Acquired Taste Collection is selling at S$4.90 for a bottle of 50gram.

After the candy tasting session, I also have the opportunity to view the live demonstation of making THANK YOU rock candy! The whole process took approximately one hour but shows the love and commitment the staff have in the candy-making process.

LollyTalk is located at 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20. Fans of rock candies are strongly encouraged to visit LollyTalk Facebook Page or WEBSITE for their latest updates!

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