Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sheng Siong – More Than A Modern Homemaker’s Friend

Strategic Advantage: Among the big players in the supermarket industry, Sheng Siong stands at an advantage with widely recognised quality economical goods. Sourcing directly whilst offering a full range of products, has set the Group on a low cost value chain. Thus amidst the rising standard of living in Singapore, Sheng Siong stands as a beacon against inflation.

Most Transparent Company: Despite the deterioration of Singapore’s GDP growth in 2012, Sheng Siong maintained its debt-free status and continues to generate positive cash flows. Earnings and revenue growth are registered every year in conjunction with a constant rise in gross profit margins. 

Promising Dividend: Despite having no formal dividend policy at the moment, Sheng Siong allotted an attractive 91.8 percent dividend payout ratio last year. It was disclosed in their FY12 report that the Group is committed to continue distributing up to 90 percent of their net profit in 2014. 

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