Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Creating Positive Organisation

Management gurus, organisational behaviourists, human resource professionals, and positive psychologists recognise that real productivity resides within human beings. Every person, if motivated appropriately, is capable of generating the highest level of productivity. Studies have shown that such productivity growth easily beats any technological-driven productivity. Creativity, focus, flow, efficacy, optimism, resilience, to name a few, are strengths that cannot be replicated in machines. However, motivation is naturally intrinsic yet uniquely different with every worker, and it is not easy to elicit in a machine-like way. As postulated by recent research, one possible angle to encourage motivation is to cultivate positivity in the workplace. Here are four key strategies that can help:

1. Create positive culture
Generate positivity purposefully; it is essential for organisations to design their work culture to react to goodness.
2. Focus on strengths
Adopt and integrate strengths into strategies such as team deployment, career advancement, talent acquisition, training and development.
3. Instill meaning at work
Clarify mission and vision of organisation, so that workers understand the context and contribution of their tasks.
4. Develop authentic leadership
Position the leader according to his or her natural strengths supported with positive leadership interventions.

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