Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Meet the Cast of 'Cafe. Waiting. Love' <等一个人咖啡>

The romance-comedy, Cafe. Waiting. Love. is produced by the same team behind ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’. In the director’s seat is Chiang Chin-lin, who was also the associate director for ‘You Are the Apple of My Eye’, as well as producer Angie Chai, known for producing hit TV show Meteor Garden. 

The movie stars Megan Lai, Hong Kong diva Vivian Chow 周慧敏 and fresh faces Vivian Sung and Bruce.

Cafe. Waiting. Love Star Appearance 
Date: 24 August 2014, Sunday
Time: 4.30pm
Venue: Shaw Theatres Lido, Shaw House Level 5
  • Megan Lai 赖雅妍
  • Vivian Sung 宋芸桦
  • Bruce 布鲁斯
  • Director Chiang Chin Lin 江金霖

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