Saturday, January 21, 2012

SGX and Ong First to Promote Futures Trading Profession

Singapore Exchange (SGX) and futures broker Ong First Tradition are launching a Professional Traders Development Programme to attract and train new futures traders.
SGX said on Friday the programme will raise awareness of the profession and impart trading skills to new traders through career seminars, intensive hands-on workshops and mentorship at a new trading arcade set up by Ong First.
It added that this joint initiative will meet increasing interest in the profession.
According to the exchange, the number of SGX-registered futures traders jumped more than 20 per cent in the second half of 2011, compared with the first half. During the same period, the daily average trading volume of the MSCI Singapore futures contract rose 19 per cent, reaching a record high of 18,895 contracts.
“Professional futures trading has evolved from the open outcry system on the trading floor to the current form of electronic trading which is less visible. It is thus timely now to raise awareness of the profession and grow the community by attracting new traders,” said Ng Tee How, President of Association of Financial & Commodity Traders (Singapore).
“This is the first time a professional trading course is combined with mentorship at a trader’s arcade. It will go a long way towards supporting the training and development needs of all new futures traders and contribute to building a more vibrant derivative trading landscape in Singapore,” said Chew Sutat, SGX Executive Vice President who oversees the SGX Academy.
More information on the activities of the Professional Traders Development Programme can be found at

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