Saturday, January 05, 2013

S’pore’s REITs Delivers Double Digit Growth in 2012

SINGAPORE’S real estate investment trusts (REITs) returned the highest dividend yield coupled with the lowest volatility among comparative REIT indices in 2012.
“The FTSE ST REIT Index gained 46.05 per cent while maintaining the lowest volatility of the year to comparative regional and global REIT Indices,” stated SGX.
The FTSE ST REIT Index is represented by 24 of the 29 securities comprising the REIT sector.
Volatility is a standard measure for risk.
The index maintained a volatility of 8.5 per cent – the lowest volatility of all the regional and global REIT indices included in the FTSE Asia monthly index performance report.
Coming in a second place in terms of lowest volatility is the FTSE SET REIT Index, which chalked up gains of 60.25 per cent.
Low volatility indicates the returns for an index have stayed quite close to the average whereas a high volatility would indicate a larger fluctuation over the year.

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